Stop Light Observations - Circadian Rhythms - Dusk
circadian rhythms - dusk.mp3

Stop Light Observations is on the scene.  These Old Village Mount Pleasant boys have come a long way in a year and a half, selling out their two Music Farm appearances, and earning a slot at Bonnaroo.  Their sound is the product of Guitarist/Keyboard player John Keith Culbreath's intriguing vision as a songwriter, singer Will Blackburn's bittersweet pipes, The edgy, energetic, sometimes shredworthy guitars of Henry Louis Duffy and Wyatt Garey, and the solid foundation of Bassist, sometimes Fiddler, Coleman Sawyer, and Drummer Luke Withers.  


Their live shows are bouncing, band and crowd.  Their songs make you sing, sometimes chant, along, with imaginative stories about monsters, murder trials, and Bright Blue Whales.  Their first album just came out recently, and it's called Radiation.  You can buy it at - 

Rock steady fellas!



Mark Bryan


What's up know I have to ask about Bonaroo.  How was it playing a show that big with your boys from the neighborhood?

It was a dream come true playing at bonnaroo. We had all been as patrons but being able to go backstage and stay in an RV was high class. To be truthful it hasn't really set in it yet but I know it will.


My kids have been wearing out your album lately.  It's a unique sound you guys have created.  Where are the songs coming from?

John Keith writes all of the songs and comes to the band with a rough draft of what he was hearing and then we each put our little spin on it and then voila you have a song.


Is this year Clemson Redemption, or continued Gamecock domination!!!!?

And hell no it is not gamecock domination. I'm feeling very confident that we're gonna come down to cola and put a hurtin on you boys. Haha

One love. I'll see you Friday, I can't wait for the show!